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Q. Does the FlagSaver obstruct the view of the flag?
Q. Is it hard to install?
Q. How does it work?
Q. Does the FlagSaver cover the entire flag?
Q. By using the FlagSaver, how much money will I
Q. If I have more than 1 flag on a pole, can I still use the FlagSaver?
Q. Can the FlagSaver be used on any size of flag.
Q. How long will the FlagSaver last?
A. No. Because it is made of clear material and its relatively small size, it does not obstruct the view of the flag.
Once the FlagSaver is installed and raised into position, it is almost invisible.
A. No. It does not require any additional hardware or modifications to the flagpole.
It installs as easily as putting on a flag, using the same snap hooks as the flag.
A. The FlagSaver works by diverting the wind out and around the flag. By doing so, it helps to minimize the whipping action that causes the flag to fray.
A. No. The FlagSaver is a small wind diverter that mounts on the leading edge of the flag.
A. How much money you save depends on a number of conditions. The cost of the flag, how often you replace it, and most importantly, the weather.
According to studies, a typical flag will need to be replaced every 2 months. Assuming an average cost of $40 for each flag (3x5), that equals $240 annually. By doubling the life of the flag, that cuts the annual cost to $120. Tripling the life of the flag cuts the annual cost to $80.
A. Yes. Since the FlagSaver uses the same attachment as the flag, multiple FlagSavers can be used on a single flagpole. Doing so increases your savings by protecting all of your flags.
A. At this time, the FlagSaver is only available for standard size flags (3x5, 4x6, 5x8). However, feel free to contact us for a free estimate on any size you may need. We have recently made a 6x10 and 10x15.
A. The FlagSaver should last a minimum of 5 years. Some have been in use for 10+ years.
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